First Time Home Buyers

Iowa First Time Home Buyers

There are many financing options available to the first time homebuyer in Iowa.  Some progrms that require no down payment if you qualify, but most first time buyer programs will require a downpayment.   Iowa has a NEW First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account that parents, grandparents and others can contribute to yearly, it is tax deductable for the State of Iowa income taxes.   We have programs that have little to no downpayment requireements.  There are grants available and downpayment assistance programs that can help you come up with the downpayment funds.     

The best thing any first time homebuyer can do is to visit with a first time home buying specialist like my team.  

We offer Free seminars that help first time buyers understand terms, financing options, the seminar walks you though the entire buying process.  You will receive a Free computer CD Rom that you can run on demand.  It's called "What you should know before buying".  We also give you a free booklet called "Home Ownership made Easy" that has the information we go over which includes checklist, terms, infomation on home inspections, home warranties, how to beat buyers to the best homes, how to select the best financing options for you, evaluatiing no downpayment or low downpayment options, grant programs, rent vs buying, how credit score effects buying, credit repair information, frist time buyer saving account information, avoiding common mistakes and much more.

You can signup for one of our seminars by clicking on 1st Time Homebuyer Seminars or buy sending us an email.   Private consultations available upon request, if you feel more comfortable in that setting.  

The state of Iowa aslo has company IFA Iowa Financing Authority that has some frist time buyer programs available.  Some of thier programs have a recapture when you sell, that you need to determine if its right for you.   We go over IFA programs and more in our seminars.  If you wish to research thier options you can visit thier website at Iowa Finance Authority.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime.  We love helping our cleints navigate the entire home buying process an acheiving thier goals. 


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